A Moment becomes point, line, and color.


My every moment becomes point (motivation or purpose), line (form), and color (emotion, feeling, and sense), which harmonize in space and condensation.

My artworks have been done working from Korea, studying and working in Spain, and migrating and facing difficulties in New York.

As I was pursued by busy life and reality, things that I experienced are hidden under my unconsciousness.

And I have a moment to look away from the reality; I take a look at natural occurrences and night sky. I become lost in that cold silence and peace.

In my works, there are bridges in intermixed and entangled forms and I pass through those forms harmonizing myself. This is a metaphor of me living in a reality. Echoes and sounds from the reality filter and pass through me, and they can be seen as marks of metaphors.

Same for the moons, I look at my inner mind through reflections from the moons, and meet my other self.

I do not start from determined subjects nor drawing a map of mind, however, as I draw and paint, I find and meet what I paint.

Just like how the world is surrounding, functioning and meeting me. It is like an osmotic action.

Therefore the results led the process be more meaningful.

In my art pieces, there are forms of matters and images in loose shapes and I tighten them back again visually.

The reason why lines and colors flow and dots appear and disappear.

And I overlap different forms, and try to create neutrality.

This is like groping through speculation, and a method to look and meet a new while working on art.

Entirely, my works are my life. I can say that they are remnants, marks, and methods of my life.

Therefore, can’t we say life is art, and art is life?


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