Exhibition at Southern Utah Museum of Art


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Director Jessica Farling and Hee Sun Choi

Yoon, Kyung Yool (South Korea, b. 1947)
“Cubic Inception”, 2015
Aluminum and mixed media on canvas, 28×91 inches
Loan from artist, 2018


Kyung- Youl Yoon ‘s Cubic Inception , Scepse, three-dimensional painting has been selected as “Encounter of Korea” and is being exhibited at the South Utah Art Museum from October 12th to December 29th.

The cubic work of cubic insce on display expands his painting practice into pieces, making it a kind of subordinate that can not be derived from the picture logically.

Two-dimensional patterns and three-dimensional taxa create the surface of the cube, each shape is used instead of brushing, and each corner is used instead of the line.

The four-angle cubes are made up of a multi-layered structure, forming a silent change that seems to move and show itself as they converge and scatter.



South Korean and Korean-American artists have arrived in the international art world in recent years with a voice that resonates across both East and West. The Korean art scene has emerged from the traditions of its history to now reflect a world of connectivity and technology. This exhibition brings together a group of artists that highlight the technical mastery and conceptual finesse of their culture and reflect the way South Korea wants to project its image onto the world.

The exhibition is currently on display at KCCLA as First Encounter. SUMA will be the first museum to display the traveling exhibition designed to introduce Korean art to America.

This group exhibition was displaying several different artists.
The seven artists displaying works include:

  • Kyungmin Kim
  • Whi Boo Kim
  • Sung Jae Lee
  • Kwang-Seop Oh
  • Yong Sin
  • Jung-Uk Yang
  • Kyung Youl Yoon