I am living an itinerant life

I previously lived in Republic of Korea and Spain, and I am currently residing in the United States of America. This upcoming September 10th, I am leaving to Shanghai, China to have an exhibition. I was born and raised in the end of the East, and then my life in America continues, after a momentary passage in Spain, which is in the end of the West.

When I l look back and think of my long journey, it was like a short moment. Lifetime that I spent with my family, incidents that we faced together, all of those times come to me like layers of colors on my canvas.

Things were achieved and done in momentary environments, and they naturally became a part of my artworks. Patterns, textures, and images may be expressed through my interchanging experience in the Eastern and Western cultures. In September, these artworks will be displayed on view at Liu Hai Su Art Museum in Shanghai, China.

What kind of response will I receive as I have my artworks exhibited at this place? This region retains a long history and ancient culture, I am wondering if I can bear its depth and breadth of private space. I am also expectedly waiting for what this exhibition means to me.

As I am letting myself to have motives and intentions, I am hoping for a chance to contribute my art.

Artists speak with their artworks and pictures. My artworks are like formative languages.

I can say my art is like visual forms of language. Because paintings are very limited in time and space, paintings may be portrayed in metaphors and revelations instead of long descriptions. When I begin working on my art, I do not intent specifically or plan in details to start; I initiate from an uncertain presentiment and an ambiguity. I find vigorous intentions, and I compromise with myself through the procedure of creating artworks. Avoiding fossilization, I picture a complete artwork that captures all of my thoughts, unconsciousness, and every condition from moment to moment. Artwork is like a completed portrayal resulted from me naturally encountering the world.

Therefore, forms in the works are repetitive, intimate, intuitive and intended.

To be freed from subjective ideas and be away from the swiftness of readymade culture, I am trying to gain secretive whispers between myself and conditions from the reality.

Today, the world is quickly changing and uniting in one. However, is there a contradictory value to look for an eternal difference between the Eastern and the Western? Will they meet at their own intersection? Art as a culture, will there be a returning point? I expect my exhibition to be focused on these speculations.


Kyung Youl Yoon

(at my studio in August)


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