Artist Statement - Cubic Inception

1. Cubic Inceptions means a cube’s beginning or that Kyung Youl Yoon’s cube will start something. It is the experience of meeting the object directly with body and mind. If painting can be said to be an illusion that represents something as its resemblance, my work is the thing itself and meeting with reality directly. Cubist paintings are illusion of objects but not objects themselves. By sharing a direction experience rather than an interpretation, explanation, or kind enlightenment of what is a painting, the artist and the viewer can form a relationship at certain point.

2. Secondly, as the artwork is made of big and small cubes it can achieve multiple visions. Based on angle of multiple visions and layers and based on the depth and height the work can look and be seen differently. The big and small aluminum cubes undergo fusion and fission to create forms that appear varyingly to the viewers based on their individual differences. For example, one can have different experiences and thoughts just as the aerial view of the city, the small stars in the night sky, and the numerous rocks on the seashore appear differently based on the viewers’ uniqueness.

3. The numerous aluminum cubes within the work form infinity. Looking into infinity, one psychologically experiences a metastasis. The infinite leads to eternity, dream, imagination, reason, and spiritual. When the cubes exhibit the traits as they are, whether those traits are the variation of size, the wrinkling, the damaging, the luminescent qualities, and the imperfections, and when these things create harmony themselves, this itself can be said to be beauty and freedom.

4. Our sense of worth is divided into the useful and the unneeded, and the things without use are discarded as waste. When we regard the discarded things or think differently, we can see the things that we couldn’t see before, feel newness, and erase the boundaries of binary opposition. The aluminum containers were discarded after just single use. Waste was revived and became an artwork. This can be said to be a wonder. Changes occur, and the environment changes when we look and think differently. By expanding our line of sight beyond what is currently visible to us, we can think of broad freedom and infinite possibilities. My work can be seen through each person’s individual discernment and perspective.